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About Us

We at Digitone Acostics are glad to introduce ourselves as an Information Technological (IT) enterprise catering to the Digital Transformation and package creation for digital platforms and media creation (DCP) for national and International distribution as per 4K DCI specification.

We expertise in software creation for the media and advertisement industry that involves animation and high end computer graphics (CGI).

We also provide Rental service for High End Digital Cameras like Alexa SXT, Alexa XT, Red Weapon 8K, Red Epic-W, Sony F65, Sony F55 etc. along with ARRI’s Ultra Prime, ARRI’s Master Prime, Cooke and many other brands of lenses to the media and advertisement industry in India.

We are very proud to be a Pioneer driving force that was solely instrumental and responsible in transforming traditional celluloid film making to the Digital Medium of Film making in association with Digiquest Studio Hyderabad, who first introduced the digital cameras in India in 2005.

Since year 2000

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